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Thread: Intermediate Oil Changes and Free BMW Maintenance

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    Intermediate Oil Changes and Free BMW Maintenance

    Hey guys just got my first BMW a 2019 430i GC. I see my free maintenance includes free oil changes but only when the computer calls for it (every 10k?) If I plan on doing my first oil change myself at 5k, will the computer reset itself to say “maintenance required at 15k miles?”

    I would like to do my own oil changes at 5k & 15k, and still take it to the dealer for the 10k & 20k scheduled services. My goal is have the oil changed every 5k if possible.

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    I am interested in this answer too. I will do the first one at 5K and have assumed that the dealer will not reset and the system will cycle the reminder at 10K. But, that is only speculation on my part.

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    The car doesn't "know" when you change the oil, you have to reset the CBS indicator (Condition Based Service) if you want it to start counting from the top again. If you don't want the miles reset, don't reset them. If you're having someone else do the work, be sure to tell them not to reset it. Then verify that they didn't before you leave.
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