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Thread: 135i vs e36 M3

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    135i vs e36 M3

    I know this is probably threaded a lot, link me any similar thread that i am asking, Basically iíve had an e36 m3 for almost a year, and boy itís been driving me insane with the little kinks that iíve been fixing, typical e36 repair but itís a 224k 98 and this car is on its way, iíve been debating getting another one cause itís a car that i know, but a 135i iíve been eyeing for a while and it will be a whole new car that i have to learn and more expensive and itís not a m, basically i want a cool daily that i can track here and there every once in a while but that isnít too expensive i know a 135i probably isnít the most reliable or the most track ready but iím sure it will be better than a 20 year old car with 224k miles, i donít really care for technology or comfort i just want a cool daily thatís decently fast and again i can track every once in a while thoughts, opinions

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    I moved from an E36 M3 manual sedan to a manual 135i. Intially i was looking for an E46 M3 but all the ones i drove seems to have similar issues as my E36. After driving a 135 i knew it was the car for me. Similar size as the E36 but way more refined. I say drive one and see for yourself. To be honest if i had to do it again i'd probably go for a 128. I'm replacing my turbos right now. Not a fun or easy job.

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    I've upgraded from a 1995 E36 328i which has done 320000km and been in my care for 10 years and got a 2011 135i DCT. The difference is night and day and I'd say do it. As much as I love the E36, it is an old car, depreciated its maximum value and becoming more expensive to run. From my end, I lived near sand dunes for last two years and have significant sun damage and now rust on the bodywork. On top of that, piston rings are starting to wear and having recurrent random electrical issues. Unless you have the Euro M3 models (with S50B30 289hp or S50B32 320hp engines), rest of the E36 line doesn't hold much collectible value and it gets to a point sadly where at least from financial sense, not worth putting money in any more (though from heart sense you want to!)

    The 135i is blistering fast compared to the E36 and only tenths of a second slower than an E92 M3. With not much outlay and tuning, it is one of the quickest and most fun BMWs around. My advice is do it! I made the leap in the last week and not looking back.

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