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Thread: 135i vs e36 M3

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    135i vs e36 M3

    I know this is probably threaded a lot, link me any similar thread that i am asking, Basically iíve had an e36 m3 for almost a year, and boy itís been driving me insane with the little kinks that iíve been fixing, typical e36 repair but itís a 224k 98 and this car is on its way, iíve been debating getting another one cause itís a car that i know, but a 135i iíve been eyeing for a while and it will be a whole new car that i have to learn and more expensive and itís not a m, basically i want a cool daily that i can track here and there every once in a while but that isnít too expensive i know a 135i probably isnít the most reliable or the most track ready but iím sure it will be better than a 20 year old car with 224k miles, i donít really care for technology or comfort i just want a cool daily thatís decently fast and again i can track every once in a while thoughts, opinions

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    I moved from an E36 M3 manual sedan to a manual 135i. Intially i was looking for an E46 M3 but all the ones i drove seems to have similar issues as my E36. After driving a 135 i knew it was the car for me. Similar size as the E36 but way more refined. I say drive one and see for yourself. To be honest if i had to do it again i'd probably go for a 128. I'm replacing my turbos right now. Not a fun or easy job.

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