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Thread: New exhaust company to us market!!!!!

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    New exhaust company to us market!!!!!

    Hello Bimmerforums,

    My name is Chris and I represent Stone Exhaust.

    Stone Exhaust is BRAND NEW to the US market! Currently there is only 1 exhaust system of ours in the country and it is here in my office in Fresno, CA! It's beautiful, amazing welds, SUS304 Stainless construction, 7-axis cnc bends, just flat out art.....The systems are all valvetronic, utilizing BMW electronic actuators on the piping (no vacuum actuators), the valvetronic control is manual or has an auto mode for a certain RPM that you program.

    Is it made overseas? Yes ,in Taiwan
    Is there sound clips? Yes, for most kits, you can search YouTube for your car for quality videos (we will be producing some here that will be detailed install videos in the future)
    Is there a kit for your car? Feel free to send me a PM, as not all kits are listed on the website, but there are many kits available along with catted, or decatted downpipes for many applications. (sidenote: all decat and some catted downpipes have O2 simulators built onto the downpipe, pulling the downstream sensor out of the exhaust stream)

    Please head to the website for more details, pictures, manufacturing processes, etc.. Please keep in mind it is translated from Taiwan and may or may not be gramatically correct (ahem, grammar Nazis). I am helping them work on many things to prepare for market expansion into the US. As you will see on thier website, they have many kits available but keep in mind, not all are on the website. we will be the sole US distributor for the exhaust kits. This is the first US public offering of their systems!!! You will not find their kits on Ebay or Amazon.

    I have been a member here for years and my heart is in the BMW community and brand, luckily, the majority of the kits they offer are for BMW's! So, I thought, the best place to have a soft opening if you will, is right here.

    For general questions and comments, you may post here, for pricing, please contact me via PM.

    Thank you!!


    I thought I might add a list of kits that may or may not be on the website......
    E90/E91/E92-335I (N54/N55) 2006-2013
    E70 X5 35I (N55) 2008-2013 (DOWNPIPE ONLY CURRENTLY)
    E71 X6 35I (N55) 2008-2014 (DOWNPIPE ONLY CURRENTLY)
    E84 X1-X4 (N20) 2009-2015 (DOWNPIPE ONLY CURRENTLY)
    F06/F12/F13 640I/M6 (N55/S63) 2011-CURRENT
    F10/F11 520I/528I (N20/N26) (QUAD TIPS OR DUAL)
    F10/F11 535I (N55) 2010-2016 (QUAD TIPS FOR M5 BUMPER ONLY)
    F10/F11 M5 (S63) 2012-2016
    F16 X635I (N55) 2015-CURRENT (QUAD TIPS OR DUAL)
    F26 X4 M40I (N55) 2015-2018
    F30/F31/F32/F33/F34/F36 (3/4 SERIES) (N20/N26/B48/N55/B58)
    F80/F82 M3/M4 (S55) 2014-CURRENT
    F87 M2/M2COMP (N55/S55) 2016-CURRENT
    F90 M5 (S63) 2017-CURRENT
    G11-G12 730I/740I (B48/B58) 2015-CURRENT
    G30 520I/530I/540I/550I (B48/B58/N63) 2017-CURRENT

    Please be aware, this is not a complete list, feel free to contact me for more information or pricing.

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