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    Windshield Wipers not working

    I have an issue that I can't seem to find a thread for my specific problem. 2008 X5 my daughter's car had a minor water leak around the sunroof that became a major water leak. All kinds of electronic issues at the front fuse box. Got everything resolved except the windshield wipers don't work. When I turn them on they move for a split second and then stop. They will not move again until I shutoff the car restart it and turn on wipers again and then will move for a split second again and then stop. Swapped relay, checked wire continuity, even tried spare electronic junction box, no resolution. I have actually wired a bypass to the wiper motor to give me wipers in the short term but really want to find a permanent solution. FYI - BMW service told me it was electronic junction box (wanted $1500, not going to buy a new one for a car worth $5K) I tried a used one and have same issue, no change. Any ideas?

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    When I had this problem it was because the Wiper motor bolts were lose tighten them and use the wipers!!

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