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Thread: Battery Tender Shocked Me?

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    Battery Tender Shocked Me?

    Was working on one of my cars yesterday and got a nice jolt when I brushed across a bolt heat on the brake calipers. I couldn’t believe it, so like a dummy, I touched it again, and again it jolted me. I assumed it was something to do with the battery tender I had plugged in. So I unplugged it and brushed the bolt again, nothing.

    This made me ultra-curious, so I broke out the multimeter. I reconnected the battery tender, then I placed the positive lead of the MM on the bolt head and the negative to an earth ground near the car…..55 freaking volts!

    Unplugged the battery tender and rechecked…nothing????

    I checked for bare spots on the battery tender leads, nothing???

    What gives?

    Thanks in advance


    If your M3 doesn’t have 3 pedals and 2 doors, I would really consider contacting BMW to confirm the authenticity of your incorrectly badged mid-sized family sedan.

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    You possibly have a short on the supply side of the tender.
    If you're not electrically savvy, I would err on the side of caution/safety and replace it.

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