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Thread: INPA Mileage/Running hours

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    INPA Mileage/Running hours

    Hi everyone! I have 1997 E39 528i with M52B28 single vanos. It looks like somebody was changing the car's mileage to make it "younger". But the tamper dot is not lightning, so it means that IKE and LCM mileage is the same. Is there any other way how to get real mileage, like from ECU or something? I have K+DCAN cable working with INPA etc., but I am not able to find the mileage in INPA. But I hear that it might be able to see engine running hours somewhere in INPA. Can somebody please tell me how to get these information in INPA? Or should I use some other diagnostics software?

    Thank you guys!

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    With my 2003 530 with the M54 / MS43 engine - DME total running hours is available.
    From INPA, I connect to engine / MS43
    I then have a top level menu to choose from: errors, activate, ident, coding, etc. (or sort of, I can't recall exact option wordings)
    The running hours are within one of the identification or coding menus. Quite obvious once you're in the appropriate screen.

    There may be one caveat. If the DME/DDE has ever been replaced, I suspect the prior hours would be lost. I don't know for a fact, and perhaps if the retrofit is done with something like DIS or ISTA those prior hours are captured and used to initialize a new or used/recycled DME/DDE.

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