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Thread: BMW e36 M3 Paint issues and questions

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    BMW e36 M3 Paint issues and questions

    I recently purchased a 95 m3 in Dakar yellow, I bought this car off my neighbor and have seen the paint fade over the years. I finally convinced him to sell me the car and I want the car back to its original color, however, the paint is faded and a lot of the clear coat is peeling off. I want to preserve the value of course but I also want it to look as good as factory. I was quoted 3500 from a local shop to respray the car and was told the price would rise if I wanted all the windows and trim taken off. I'm stuck between repainting the car or buffing it out and dealing with the paint eventually fading again. The only thing I'm 100% sure on is that I want to do something about the paint (because it's only getting worse). Any suggestions? I am unsure how to post pictures but as soon as I figure out I will post as detailed ones as possible, thanks for your feedback.

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    I don't think the front and rear windows have to come out. They should be able to tape it off and feather in the edges just fine. As for the trim and rear windows, you could always remove all that yourself in an evening. That'll give them better access to the edges of things. If the paint is fine and that's just for clearcoat, that's not bad and should be a pretty decent finish.

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    Where i live they don't remove anything. Everything is sprayed after covering the windows and wheels. It doesn't take more than 3-4 hours.
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    Polishing will just provide a temporary solution. Your best option is to have it repainted.

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