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Thread: What you wished to know before getting an M4?

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    What you wished to know before getting an M4?

    Maintenance costs? Something to look for from the beginning? Anything else? Thank you.

    I'll be getting a 2016-2017 model with ~50.000km.

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    thereís not much to know.

    itís a great car.

    just recognise thereís plenty of technology and performance under the skin of this car which needs regular maintenance. Change your oils and filters as regularly as possible.

    All the best with it.

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    Are there any major known issues with this or the F80 M3? How do the SMG boxes hold up? Anyone with high mileage 2014-2015 cars?

    I have no issues with standard servicing but keen to know which parts are susceptible to failure outside of that.

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