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Thread: 2008 x3 no heat issue

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    2008 x3 no heat issue

    Here's what's been done

    I started with the heater control valve, no dice. Took it to a shop and they replaced the heater control valve again. No heat. They flushed the heater core and said there is no blockage there.
    I took it home and did the water pump and thermostat for good measure, system seems bled well. Still nothing.
    While all of this was happening the blower resistor went out, so I replaced that.

    Now my last thought could be the hvac actuator. When I did the blower resistor, the actuator there was only held in by one screw, and the resistor had obviously been replaced by a no name Chinese model. Can someone tell me which actuator this is and what combinations of buttons will allow me to test it? It's the one on the left of the passenger right next to the FSU.

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    I had come to this conclusion once that you are now at...I abandoned it because once an actuator is replaced it has to be coded to the car...maybe you have the capabilities. I don't. I've also learned that these actuators have some control of the temperature too (highly complex system) anyways I'm still chasing the no air issue with my 05, what a shame a nice car! But I got to have air where I live.
    But see this site its apart of my research.


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