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Thread: E39 525D Wagon Project

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    E39 525D Wagon Project

    Hi, i hope this is in the right place now?

    My name is Jere, i have had my mind set on finding a E39 suitable for doing a project out of for a while now, as this is my 7th E39 now and 15th BMW alltogether.

    I have obtained some knowledge about them but would still like to get tips&tricks, i like OEM design, with minimal and subtle modifications, to make it standout just a bit, also i am a diesel dude which seems to be quite rare in these forums.

    As you can see my grammar and all isnt the best since i dont speak english natively so apologies in advance.

    Lets get started, i recently bought a 525D e39 that is in bad condition and as for now doesnt run, meaning it will be the first problem to be sorted before any cosmetic upgrades.

    Car has been driven 442190 km, its got the basic rust spots that need tending to aswell as an overhaul on the suspension and powertrain.

    During the next weekend i aim to go get a new engine and electrics from a 530d 2003 donor car and install them on my 525d in attempt to get it running again.

    In short next few days consist of

    -New engine,
    -New ecu chipped&virgin
    -Exhaust system
    -Good scrub all around as i hate to work in oil and dirt

    Apparently i have to post more before i can put pictures in the thread so i have provided a link to folder for time being but i will try to get 20 posts up so i can start attaching them here.

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    I wish diesel e39's were available in my country.

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