After lurking on the bmw forums for years I guess it’s time to make a post I never thought I’d make. Forced induction has always been in a whole different realm of knowledge. I understood the basic principal that exhaust gas spins turbine and compressor sucks in air and send to an engine. In the past two months I have given myself a crash course in boost and how everything works. I’m still learning so please forgive any ignorance and any insight will be helpful.

Here’s the breakdown.
1997 avus blue 328is 280,xxx miles
Goals: 450ish Whp on pump gas with copper spacer, cutring and Arps

Here’s what I have purchased
Garret t3 60-1 turbo
RallyRoad -4an vanos tap and oil line
No name cast bottom mount mani(possibly buying a spa t3 mani)
Stainless downpipe
Full 3.5 inch straight pipe to borla muffler
Boostlogic motor mount
Under subframe hot charge piping ( already made)
No name intercooler
Part of the cold charge piping (need blow through maf flange)
Hks sequential bov
M50 Manifold
22rpd tuning package
Auto meter boost gauge
Ati steering column gauge mount
Cam blocks, e12 tool, vanos tool
Various gaskets, hardware, books

Still got a long way to go but I’ve made a lot more progress than I thought I would at this point. Planning on pulling the head in a few weeks (weather permitting). More parts will be ordered when I’m a little more into the teardown. The car hasn’t seen spark in three years, needs a cooling system refresh (again) power steering hoses, the original Rtabs are still in, windows don’t work, ac doesn’t work, speakers blown, interior ripped, clear coat peeling, glovebox sagging, door cards floppy, and the list goes on. The interior will probably end up pretty gutted but who knows, maybe she will get some mrain Vader’s at some point.

Anyways it’s a project but hopefully she will be ready by springtime. Pics will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!