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Thread: How to get new key FOB to open and close door locks? (2008 750Li e66)

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    How to get new key FOB to open and close door locks? (2008 750Li e66)


    I have a very nice 2008 750Li. I think this car model is called e66. I purchased this used in Sep/2018. I love the car. When I purchased it with 138k miles, I received only a single key FOB.

    Now, the key FOB does not let me open/close door locks remotely sometimes. I understand that there is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery VL2020 inside the key FOB and the key slot in the car charges it when it is driven for a long time. But, my drive to work is only 10 minutes. Also read that as this battery gets old, it does not recharge well, I am assuming that is the issue. I did try getting an external wireless charger, but doesn't recharge the key FOB well either!

    So, I ordered a new key FOB from ebay that is compatible with the car. It has a regular 3V Li battery.

    Here's the ebay link to the item:

    I read about how to get this key FOB to open/close door locks. I don't need this new key FOB to start the car (the older key FOB does work for that). Tried some of the instructions (related holding down keys on the new key FOB after starting stopping car, etc.. but none of them worked me).

    (I understand that I can break open the key FOB and replace the rechargeable battery ... basically solder-on the new one after removing the old .. but I'd rather not break it).

    Can anyone that has successfully got a new key FOB to open/close door locks on a 2008 750Li please post some instructions, or point me to where the instructions are on this forum please?

    (I do have NCSExpert software, but I don't think that is required for this)


    - Nalin J
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    If your car has comfort acess, meaning if you have key in your pocket you can unlock or lock and start the car. The battery is replaceable seeing how it is a 750 I would almost guarantee it. Look at the back of the remote the little panel just pops off. If you needed a new remote save your self a lot of trouble and order it from the dealer. Also your short drives are going to kill the car battery over time, you need to install a battery tender. Or start driving the car on the freeway and for some distance.

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    Thanks JClausen for your reply.

    I checked, the key FOB does not have a little panel that opens. It's all sealed.

    I do have an update though. After re-reading the instructions for the external wireless charger purchased a while back, I was able to fully recharge the key FOB using it. Basically the key FOB had to be placed with the back of the key FOB touching the charging surface of the wireless charger. Charged overnight. I haven't had any issues with the key FOB for the last week! It's from Amazon and cost $17. Search for: Yootech Wireless Charger

    You have a point, I will look at battery tender for the main car battery, thank you!


    - Nalin J

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    I bought my replacement fob from Amazon
    Changed my eternals and key.. nOw i have a new Key case fob
    Amazon was $12

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