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Thread: Two supercharger problems, LTFT not adjusting and Fuel in Oil Smell

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    Two supercharger problems, LTFT not adjusting and Fuel in Oil Smell

    Problem 1:

    I've been doing some work to get my newly acquired e36 m3 with a eurosport supercharger all sorted out and inspected all over. One area of concern is that the LTFT when monitored have not changed over several drives. And in fact, they haven't changed since the previous owner posted the same numbers a while back when he was chasing a CEL. I have even changed air filter brands/size/flow rate which I would have expected to change the LTFT... So two questions:

    Is a LTFT of -8.6 that bad? STFT adjust quite frequently and in moderately low numbers -1 to +4 in WOT.

    But, why wouldn't LTFT change or adjust?

    I posted this in the regular M3 forum a while back, and didn't get anything there as far as answers.

    Problem 2:

    I pulled the dipstick, and besides some milky white residue (attributing that to cold and a lot of short drives) oil smells like gas. Is this normal for SC cars or should I start some thorough investigating? Previous owner had the injectors tested, did a leak down test and found no issues. Where should I go next?

    Thanks for the help all!
    new M3 and wallet is getting thinner.

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    On the fueling question. I would also do a fuel pressure test. If vacuum is correctly hooked up to the FPR it should be reading ~45psi at idle and with that vacuum line removed it should be 51psi (3.5bar). The regulators are known to fail too, most that I have seen fail to a higher pressure than 3.5bar.
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