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Thread: EVAP and purge delete question

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    EVAP and purge delete question

    I'm almost there with the turbo build.

    I had a few questions though in relation to the EVAP and purge valve on an OBD2 system.

    From what I have read is I can vent the EVAP valve to atmosphere (the one next to VANOS solenoid). What do I do with the purge valve and connection near the OEM location of the MAF? I plan on deleting all of this with a tune. I am curious what you all do with the hard blue line running into the engine bay. Also, when the car was bone stock I was getting strong fuel smells in the garage with a full tank. Bad charcoal canister?

    Looking for this information since I have the m50 manifold out. I have 2 taps. One 1/8" for failsafe and truboost, another for the BOV. How are you guys sourcing vacuum for the FPR? I'm contemplating JB welding the original FPR spot on the M50 mani for a more robust barbed fitting. I see some guys on here running 4 taps into the manifold and just curious why. Truboost calls for a T'eed connection from compressor housing, and that's what I'll be doing.

    Here is the blue line I am referencing.

    I think the valve on the left can VTA correct me if I'm wrong. What about the valve on the right?

    Almost there boys. Can't wait to drive this car.
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    You would need to ask your tuner what he will tune out for you.

    Generally we delete all of these so you can just remove them.

    The blue line you can vent to atmosphere or tie into your intake tube pre turbo.

    The little oem barb on the bottom generally works but I usually plug it and add another “robust” barb in a more accessible location.

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