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Thread: Radio keeps cutting out

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    Radio keeps cutting out

    Hey Everyone, I have a 2005 BMW 645ci and the radio occasionally cuts out for a few hours. The computer seems to be functioning fine and you can even change the station on the radio But when it is out, you cannot hear anything. I am aware you can reboot the computer by holding in the radio power button and CD eject button but this rarely brings the sound back. It suddenly and for no reason I can ascertain, comes back on. Is my car haunted by malevolent electronic poltergeist? Anyone heard of this or have any advice?

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    It sounds like the amp is the issue. The amp may believe itís overheating or it may have a bad solder joint. Modern electronix are made with lead-free solder. That makes the solder less flexible. A result can be one or more bad solder joints that come from the innumerable vibrations experienced by the amp.

    Also note that the amp has 12VDC at all times. The head unit supplies a continuous 12VDC ďturn onĒ signal to amp to activate it. That signal could be dropping out.

    Go to to find the wiring diagrams. I would make sure the amp has not ever suffered water damage. When the amp cuts out check for presence of the 12VDC turn on signal. If itís there then the amp will have to be removed and inspected for one or more bad solder joints. Bad solder joints can be repaired by adding a bit a fresh solder to the joint.

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