I had a tire blow out on the rear of my e38. The fire had less than 1000 miles on it. The load rating on the tire was 98 xl with a load rating of 1660 pds at 36 psi. The rear of the car weights 2860. The load rating says this tire, x2, should carry the load. I contacted the selling company and was told it was not the correct tire, as it should have a rating of 100, because BMW says that's what came on the car originally. They won't replace the tire. A major tire company states in their ad that if the combined weight of the four tires exceeds the weight of the car, you're good to go. So I'm confused. I was running 245\40\19 all around, but in looking at tires of this size i couldn't find a single one with a 100 rating. Even the Pirelli P1, a high-end tire, the seller says would not be right for my e38. So that's my question and asking for some assistance here. The 98 on the front are fine and will work according to them. Help me out here, I don't want to put myself or family at risk, but the car also sees very few long trips.