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Thread: Loud static screeching noise coming from rear speakers

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    Loud static screeching noise coming from rear speakers

    Earlier today when I went out to my car I heard a loud staticky screeching noise coming from the rear speakers behind the head rests. The car was off and when I turned the car on the noise continued. Tried playing with the radio, it didn't help. Turned the car off for a minute then back on and radio was only coming through the front passenger speaker. A few seconds later the radio shut off on its own. The staticky noise stopped shortly after... was probably going for at least three minutes; not sure how long the noise was happening before I got to my car.

    Have come across a few similar posts but it doesn't seem like there is a consensus... any thoughts? This noise has happened once before, maybe four or five months ago, but only lasted for less than a minute and did not have the weird radio issues with it. Did notice that my radio wasn't working a few weeks ago - could turn the radio on and off, could change stations, but no volume. However, the radio was working fine when I got in my car again a few hours later and have not had any issues since.
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    It sounds like the amp turned on all by itself. The amp in modern cars has 12VDC at all times. However, the head unit sends the amp a12VDC “turn on” signal to activate the amp. I’d check the wiring harness at the amp. However, I think your amp is going bad.

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