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Thread: Scissor Jack Capacity

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    Scissor Jack Capacity

    I am thinking of getting an emergency scissor jack for my 430i x-drive CV. Thing is, I know the curb weight is around 4100 pounds.

    The scissor jacks I see are 1 1/3 tons, 1 1/2 tons and 2 tons. Does anyone know how much of a scissor jack is needed given that it is going to be lifting 1 of 4 corners of a 2 ton+ vehicle? I.e., how much weight do I need to support to raise 1 wheel at a time? I suspect most OEM jacks are the 1 1/2 ton variety regardless of vehicle.

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    Just a suggestion, but a bottle jack is very compact and will easily lift ur vehicle + they aren’t super expensive.

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    You would be lifting the corner of the car not the entire car. Probably not enough room under the car for a bottle jack

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