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Thread: BMW dealership left a shipping spacer in my 228i. Advice on dealing with this?

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    BMW dealership left a shipping spacer in my 228i. Advice on dealing with this?

    Hey folks,

    Ever since I bought my 228i the front left strut has made some funny sounds, popping noises, etc. At one point the dealership told me they found a rock trapped in the suspension and charged me $100 to remove it. That "rock" being removed if it was a rock sorted out part of the noises but the suspension front left has always been loud. Its always perplexed me that my base 228i with non run flat Michelin AS3+ tires rode twice as harsh as my 99 M3 with pilot super sports when taking big bumps at speed.

    During this past week we had a lot of rain and my front left shock / bump stop has been squeaking like an 82 civic with blown suspension. So I look up in the wheel well and the dust cover is split down the middle - blown open. My bump stop is ripped half way down the middle, there are crunchy bits of broken plastic around the base and another white plastic ring ive never seen before.

    I take the car in today and the service guy gasps when he sees my photo and asks me where I bought the car. When I told him "there" he started shaking his head and apologized for their up. Said the plastic ring is a shipping spacer or shipping block and they must not have removed it.

    My questions to the folks here:
    Anyone else dealt with this? What did the dealership do to resolve it - aside from removing the spacers.

    Could this damage other components of my vehicle? Clearly the bump stop is screwed along with the dust cover sleeve, but im wondering about alignment, tires, suspension, shocks, etc. This has been on my car for 42,000 miles and ill be out of warranty in another 8k.

    Thanks for the help folks!
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    I don't imagine limiting the travel of the strut would damage it, nor should it have any effect on alignment; inspecting the tires will give some further insight on the latter point. That said, I would politely ask the dealership (if it were me I'd ask the service advisor you spoke with to bring the service manager into the conversation) to replace the damaged bump stop and gaiter, to conduct a thorough inspection of the suspension, and check the alignment to ensure everything is in spec. If there is any irregular wear on the affected tire, you could also discuss tire replacement (but I don't think this will be an issue). At the very least you'll get an alignment out of it, and any suspect components will be discovered and replaced under warranty.

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    Just found 1 of these loose inside the Struts Boots of each side in my 2000 540i

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    It happens, it did at our dealer ship or they leave the car in transport mode and some thing won't work

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