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Thread: HELP ! limp mode and cutting out with code P3002

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    Exclamation HELP ! limp mode and cutting out with code P3002

    Hello fellow members,

    I am currently driving my partners E87 120D.

    we bought the car thinking i knew what the problem was, as normally i can knock a problem on the head...
    but this time...oh boy i was wrong..

    when i drive the car and push the throttle down to speed up i get the half symbol engine light indicating i have 50% power.

    i done a scope test on the fuel rail pressure sensor as it should read after stamping the throttle 4V but i only seem to be able to get 2.3V MAX.

    so i changed the fuel filter.

    and i immediately went and bought a new sensor thinking it would solve all my problems. NOTHING! so i put the old one in as there would no point spending money i dont need too.

    after further examination with a garage we changed the HPFP. NOTHING!

    changed the lift pump and checked lines for grit and debris. made the problem kick in later but still no use!

    so i started the think i had a leaky injector so i preformed a leak back test. non of them leaked more than 40ml per min so they are all ok.

    changed the fuel pressure regulator,NOTHING

    changed the fuel temperature sensor, made the problem slightly better but still goes into limp mode / cuts out.

    im pretty sure i have covered the whole fuel system now !

    but i done some research i found that the APP (accelerator pedal postion) can throw the code P3002 ?

    PLEASE BARE IN MIND: it does seem to only happen when i go over half throttle, so this is why i think the pressure sensor reading could be linked to the APP?

    if someone would like to watch a video im am more than happy to take someones number and whats app you the video!

    i just dont want to keep spending dead money!

    sorry for killing everyones eyes with this post lol,

    many thanks

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    Generic P-codes are useless. Get a BMW-specific scanner on it and see what it says.

    Life's tough. It's tougher when you're stupid.
    -John Wayne

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    You ever get this fixed

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