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Thread: Bmw E60 LCI Driver side front speaker going on/off.. driving me crazy

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    Bmw E60 LCI Driver side front speaker going on/off.. driving me crazy

    Hello Guys,

    Like the Title says, im going crazy about my front driver side speaker, but im going to give some information first:

    I own a BMW e60 LCI 2007 523i with the prov navi and standard hifi.

    I've placed some extra's in it for the Audio:

    2, amps
    -1 4ch for the 2 compo sets in the front (channel 1 left side channel 2 right side) and the other 2 channels for the underseat subs.
    -1 2ch for the sub in the trunk(amp is ready, sub box isn't.)
    1, Capacitor 2farad
    1, Android CCC system.
    1, 4 channel audio filter to filter the alternator noise( only noticebol on low volume)
    1,home made audio harness with the BMW radio plug to the splitters and then with RCA to the amp

    So for the issue: When im driving the left(driver) side is going on and off. Sometimes it happends a lot sometimes it doesn't. It looks like its extra annoying on a "bumpy" road.
    I've checked the connections from the speaker if there was a loose connection, couldn't find any. ( the composet was brand new when i bought it so i assume the have a good connection between the tweeter speaker and filter unit.)
    I've checked with music on, all the cables on the amps, i pushed and pulled but the music kept playing.

    The home made audio harness is soldered by myself and i do have a lot of experience with that. I've read online that often the Traps from the BMW AMP fails but i have installed my own amp so that would be out of the question i think?
    I also don't think my speaker is faulty because when it does works the music is superb!

    I'm going to switch the channels on the amp to see if the non driver side is going to fail, do you guys have more or better suggestions?
    *Perhaps its the Chinese android radio cable that is faulty?
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    Yes, a 'on/off' intermittent symptom does indicate that somewhere there's a loose connection so you'll need to trace from the speaker itself all the way back to inside the 'Chinese' unit you've used. Check the speaker itself plays properly, it might be a loose connection internally to the voice coil, check the speaker terminals, then the wiring to them. Then trace the speaker cable all the way back to your amplifier(s), Swap the amplifiers for known good working ones (i.e check for continuity with your specific amps) then check the RCA cables connecting to it from the chinese head unit. Look inside the chinese head unit and see/check the connections there. If by doing all that you still get the symptoms, then remove the chinese unit and revert to standard and retry. If that fixes it, then you know that low quality chinese unit is at fault and given reliability isn't good with those, if it is that I wouldn't be surprised.

    Good luck !

    Cheers, Dennis!

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