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Thread: BMW f20 Screen retrofit

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    BMW f20 Screen retrofit

    Hey there

    Im considering buying an used BMW 114i from 2013. It's a lovely car and i have so many ideas for things i need to do to it. But the diffrence between this specific car and the others (more expensive) that i have looked at is that this one doesn't have a screen. (see pic 1)

    The good thing about it was that i wanted to replace the screen with a bigger more modern screen (see pic 2) anyways. But what im wondering is if it is even possible with this model? Now that there is no screen from stock is it possible to retrofit the new one in and make it seem factory?

    Love to hear if any of you have any experience with this car and how it is also!


    Pic 1:

    Pic 2:
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    The electronix in modern cars are so integrated that trying to install an aftermarket solution isn’t possible. Trying to retrofit the factory screen and its associated electronix will likely be expensive.

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