I've had them on the rear 17" factory wheels and really like them. They are a little aggressive looking, almost look like off-road tires due to tread pattern. They handle great, quiet, and have served me very well in the rain and moderate snow (the car sucks on packed snow to begin with).

Anyway, wanted to pass along the deal I found today, Sears has $26 in cash back on every $50 tire purchase on their website... no wonder they are going broke. I purchased each tire SEPARATELY (to get the $26 x 2) for $121.99 each, came with $18 discount, add tax, disposal fee, etc. and total was $115.92, after the cash back it will be just shy of $90. Installation on wheels included but not mounting. Pretty good deal, maybe it will work for tires of your choice.

Thought I'd pass it along, with savings I'll have my Indy align the car.

Merry Christmas,

Ice Planter