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Thread: 2003 BMW X5 3.0i E53

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    2003 BMW X5 3.0i E53

    2003 BMW X5 3.0i E53 automatic, 228,000 miles. Typical wear and tear for its age but with lots of attention to detail, It is super-clean.
    Runs and drives well ... looks great. asking $3,800 (504) 427-2008 text/call
    New: tires, Aux A/C fan, two oxygen sensors, 6 Bosch ignition coils, NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plugs, Cam Shaft sensor, position sensor, fuel filter, thermostat, cabin filter, oil pressure switch, oil level sensor, hood switch, valve cover gasket, double vanos plus seals/rattle kit rebuilt with all Beisan parts, Transmission Kit w/6.5Q Castrol Dextron VI. Headlights reconditioned and clear.
    Radio: 6.5 inch touch screen radio/cd/dvd w/back-up camera, bluetooth/remote. Strong A/C. Heated seats, rear view mirror (upgrade) dims. Front facing safety cam mounted near rear view mirror.
    disclosure: The oil pressure has been professionally/shop tested and is strong/high/perfect. When the plug is on the oil pressure sensor, it goes into "low oil pressure" mode, but the pressure is still right where it should be (tested while driving). Have been driving the last year with the sensor plug disconnected with no problems. I check the oil level constantly and it rarely moves. I'll add abt. 1/8 of a Liter every 3-4 weeks after lots of driving. Fan blades recently broke off and the fan was replaced. We had just done a drive where I had an
    opportunity to open her up ... smooth! Age with brittle fan or more than likely could need motor mounts or possibly a new WP or fan clutch? (no movement in WP, so I think the Motor mounts would be the most likely update. (it was idling rough, we raised the idle slightly and it smoothed out a touch and the recommendation was to change the motor mounts to really make a difference.)
    We've spent $5,500.00 so far and really enjoy this vehicle. One child in college just bought another vehicle and we don't have the space. Don't want to sell but need the room.
    Would like more but asking for $3,800.00 call (504) 427-2008 or email nolabands(at)gmail(dot)com
    Willing to meet within 100 miles of (MSY, New Orleans), or can make other arrangements with an agreed upon travel rate from 70005 area. PHOTOS (22):
    IMG_20180309_092715.jpgBMW X5 Headlights-clear.jpgIMG_20180309_092738.jpgIMG_20180309_092802.jpgIMG_20180309_092812.jpg
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    Just added 22 photos - The headlights have been reconditioned. only the close-up shows how they look now. full vehicle photos show older hazy headlights that are now crystal clear!

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