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Thread: E38 stereo

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    E38 stereo

    I recently bought a 728i and the head unit was faulty, the screen came on but was all fuzzy and buttons were unresponsive. I replaced it and it was still the same, I was told it could be the nav unit in the boot so I replaced that from a mk2 to a mk4 and I also unplugged the little box that the mk2 unit uses and it still doesn't work. Can any1 help?

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    The OEM modules are getting very old now and failing more often, so if you wish to keep the OEM audio setup, then you'll need to fix/repair and upgrade where possible, the OEM modules. Each one has multiple points of failure so longer term, this will be the most expensive way to keep the OEM setup working. You've already gone to the Mk4 GPS computer, so you need to test the other modules with known working ones to see which module(s) is faulty - it could be the monitor unit itself in the dash, could be the amplifier BM54 unit or if your car has it, the DSP amplifier, might be the TV tuner module that's faulty. Once you determine which module(s) is faulty you can evaluate from there.

    If you wish to have modules repaired, you'll need to send them off to specialists. I'll assume that's Cannock UK, so do send your unit(s) into carphonics - Speak to Baris, and tell him I sent you along. He'll fix and upgrade where possible and based upon what extra options you'd like. As you can see from pricing, your wallet will take a potential beating for upgrades and repairs over the years !

    For improving the sound quality of the OEM setup, you'll need to bash your wallet even more

    Cheers, Dennis!

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