hi everyone! My name is Jenny and I am trying to sell my BMW 325Ci. This car is in beautiful cosmetic condition with only 147000 miles on it. It has over $2,000 worth of brand new parts installed (I have receipts if needed). The problem is that It needs an O2 sensor. It runs really rough because of it. I wish I could keep it as I have already invested $6,000 in the past 7 months that I've had it. I just don't have any more money to put into it and being that I have a family I would prefer something with four doors. My loss is your gain! Will consider trading for a bigger car or truck. This is a great deal! all you have to do is invest a little more money into it and you will basically have a brand new car because it has so much work put into it already. Listed below are all the brand new parts that have been installed to it recently.
- Brand new power steering pump
- 2 brand new catalytic converters
- 2 brand new O2 sensors
- Brand new car battery
- Brand new valve cover gasket
- Brand new oil pan gasket
- Brand new oil filter with fresh oil change
- Brand new spark plugs
- Brand new ignition coils
- Brand new windshield
- brand new exhaust manifold gasket
- Brand new engine oil separator
-brand new mass air flow sensor
-brand new temperature sensor

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Read Less