I was watching a dyno vid and got interrupted by possibly the first ad to ever interest me online. This is some kind of gun that the detailer can attach to a garage compressor, load with cleaning products or hot water or whatever, and then attack everything dirty, stained, or blemished inside or outside a given vehicle.

Rado High Pressure Cleaning Tool


There's quite a few demo videos on Youtube that can be found with a short search, so I won't bother linking to any of them here.

While many of the demos show the user cleaning with the gun, they don't show the user drying the surface afterwards. Wet surfaces can look clean and new a lot better than dry ones, especially those made of hard plastic. (Wet surfaces also reflect light a lot better, which is why auto manufacturers wet down roads before doing the ubiquitous "closed course, professional driver, don't hold your camera at this angle" commercials to market the latest econobox taking turns at almost 5 percent more than the posted speed.) So forget those videos and look at the ones where the user cleans fabric seats, carpets, headliners, and other soft surfaces. They also do some door sills and rocker areas and dry them off afterwards.

This thing seems to work pretty well but I'd like to know if anyone has tried it here.