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Thread: How can I shine up engine bay paint?

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    How can I shine up engine bay paint?

    Well, I am currently going through my old '92 e36
    and doing a bit of a restoration.

    Engine bay could use some help. The black paint seems
    to have a light gray film and is no longer black. What
    would be the best way to get rid of the grayness and
    return it to a deep black?

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    The paint in the engine bay is not clear coated, so it is not going to look like exterior paint.

    Try some 303 protectant. It's good stuff and can be used elsewhere on the car.

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    You might try a little Klasse AIO (All In One) on the oxidized paint. It chemically removes the oxidation and can restore old faded paint to new. Once restored, you should seal the paint to slow down future oxidation. Klasse makes a high gloss sealant too and the AIO and sealant are known as the Klasse twins. Most any sealant will work though.

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