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Thread: SMG Help

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    SMG Help

    I have read all the forums, on this problem

    SMG light comes on
    SMG neutral drops

    Removed the pump replaced the motor
    Replaced the alternator (some say it gets old and weak)
    Wrapped the accumulator with heat blanket
    Many times replaced the relay

    Called one shop his advise sucked, replace SMG to Manual. UGH thanks dude
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    Any news on this? I too have replaced the pump motor and have new issues: red gear on dash, P0978, P0760, eventual failure to engage any gear.

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    I had this issue earlier last year as well as this year but i don't know if this is a surefire way to fic your issue but this is what worked for me, Im guessing this is during certain heat waves in your city in which the temperature sensor on the SMG unit gets too hot and puts the SMG into a safety mode. so my remedy for this was to remove the plastic cover that covered the transmission from under the car which keeps the engine bay looking stock while fixing my issue. The other thing i have heard of some people that put plastic or aluminum piping to the temp sensor that is under the intake manifold. I hope this helps you but again this is just what i have done to mitigate my issue.

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