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Thread: BimmerWorld Bergsteiger E36 Pikes Peak (and general tomfoolery) Build

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    BimmerWorld Bergsteiger E36 Pikes Peak (and general tomfoolery) Build

    I'm a little late getting over to my favorite forum to post our build, but I miss the interaction that happens here. And the build is taking way longer than initially planned thanks to massive scope creep, so I have some time to document it!
    I'd be interested to hear what people want to know about this car, or what aspects I should cover in a build thread - I could do the full thing, or focus on the more nit-picky details and processes. There's a lot to this one, and I'm hitting it in some other mediums as well, so what should go here?

    I'll come back and write up a proper intro later on what the project is, assuming there's interest for this type of viewpoint here. Let me know!

    And...the project as it sat a couple weeks ago:


    James Clay
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    I'd like to see what you have going ... not all of us go there for this sort of information. Put the build here where it can be easily found, searched, etc.


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    Interested. An intro post of what and why would be a good start.

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    On top of the general build interest I would love to know about wide body - who, what, how. Which wheels, spacers, etc.
    - 96 328is 6.0L. (LS1 to LS2 build thread:
    - 96 328is 5.7L. (LS1 build thread:
    - 95 ///M3 6.0L. (LS2 build thread:

    - 97 ///M3. (e46 Fender Flares/track car build thread:
    - 96 328is (Dual Fuel Pump to Surge Tank thread:

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    I would like to know literally everything and would love to see a massive number of photos. Thanks

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    I've caught glimpses of this car on IG, would love to see full build thread on here. I have an E36 M3 I hillclimb in the PHA, if you guys need a nice shakedown for Pikes Peak feel free to hit me up.

    Especially interested in the construction of those flares. Currently fitting 335s on 18x12s to mine, going to be fun.

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    Thank you for sharing James. I think a lot of folks would love to see a full build thread with all of the details, myself included. This build looks like one of the most extensive and serious e36 builds ever attempted, and documentation of it would mean a lot to us hardcore enthusiasts. I was instantly reminded of Georg Plasa's legendary Judd v8 e36 (which is a complement in itself); however, the scope and performance of this build seem even greater than that, which is impressive! Keep up the BMW pioneering (and give us a glimpse every once in a while )


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    I'm guessing you turned Randy loose on the body?

    M5 engine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mslevin View Post
    I would like to know literally everything and would love to see a massive number of photos. Thanks

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    Bumping this up hoping you guys can get the car finished in time James, good luck!

    Link to the build
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