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Thread: 1974 Baur Targa

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    1974 Baur Targa

    Hello - Just joined the forum today. My father has a 1974 Baur Targa that heís thinking about selling and weíre having a hard time gauging a reasonable price point because it doesnít seem they come to market all too often. I understand a car is only worth what someone is willing to pay, but I was hoping to get some input from a group of knowledgeable enthusiasts such as yourselves. I myself have a 1976 Toyota FJ40 and find invaluable information on the forum I belong to. At any rate - this Targa was imported from Italy, spent most of its life in California and has been in NY the last 12 or so years - always garaged. It has 90k original KMs. My father knows the car better than I but itís rock solid and runs great. Any input on potential value/starting asking price would be greatly appreciated. If you feel thereís a different avenue I should be taking in terms of finding out this information please chime in - I know there are many variables when it comes to pricing, really just looking for any general input. Thanks in advance. Also have a handful of pics but not sure how/if I can post.

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    You should get on with it. If you make a post similar to this on there you will probably find that many people are interested. Try to look up some past sales on ebay and bring a trailer for examples similar to yours and go from there. If the car is solid it will bring good money and sell fairly quick being that it is pretty rare. They have a cars for sale section there.
    This forum doesn't see much action for 2002s but you'll have responses within minutes over there.

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    i love these targas' amazing driving experience

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