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Thread: 1998 BMW 328i E36 5 Speed

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    1998 BMW 328i E36 5 Speed

    I have a clean, well sorted, Titan silver, 4-door, 5-speed E36 1998 BMW 328i located for sale in Springdale, Arkansas. The asking price is $4,600. This car is in great shape mechanically and structurally. The chassis has 220,000 miles on it. I purchased it as a rolling shell without the drivetrain and I installed a completely refreshed M52B28 engine and ZF 5 speed transmission. The engine was stripped down to the block, everything was cleaned, and every seal, gasket, and o-ring was replaced. I plastigaged the bearings and everything was perfectly in spec. The oil pan was thoroughly cleaned and the oil pump nut was welded on. The cylinder head was pressure checked for cracks and resurfaced by a professional machine shop and the head gasket was replaced. I rebuilt the VANOS unit with the high quality Beisan Systems rebuild kit. The injectors were cleaned and I replaced the filters, caps, and o-rings on all of them. The ZF transmission was serviced as well, all new seals and topped of with Redline fluid. Stock flywheel, low mileage Sachs clutch and OEM throw out bearing. The engine is strong and runs silky smooth. The exhaust is stock. It is riding on Bilstein sport suspension and H&R sport springs. The ride quality is really nice, and it handles well. The tires are in great shape and have a lot of life left in them. Black interior with a few minor issues, but overall it is good for a 20 year old E36. The drivers seat has a few tears, the passenger power seat back does not tilt (it is in a neutral position), there is a hole in the carpet on the driver's side, the airbag light is on, and occasionally the odometer only partially displays when it is first started. Other than that there are no issues. All of the windows work, the door cards are in good shape , on board computer is fully functioning, stock radio works, and the heat and air conditioning both work great. The exterior is in good shape as well. There are a few scratches and dings here and there but overall the paint looks great. The clear coat is not peeling and the car is nice and shiny. Clean title in hand. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have, I would be happy to answer them. You can contact Gerald at War Eagle Motorwerks for more information, just PM me here and I can send you my number.


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