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Thread: F30 335i Looking into a tuned Daily Driver

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    F30 335i Looking into a tuned Daily Driver

    Hello I have a F30 335i that I've had for a few months now. I drive quite a bit since it is my first car and I commute to work, I've just hit 60k miles. But I have messed a bit and removed my resonator and muffler, had an M sport kit installed, little things here and there. But I have been reading mildly into flash tunes and JB4, stuff like that. After a while I figured out that I'd want a daily tuned car right? Not looking for Ak-47, but manageable with noticeable difference. So I figured an intake, bm3, and exhaust would all work in conjunction if properly tuned. I've seen/heard better results and a more defined tuning experience with bm3. I really would not like to learn how to tune, it'll take ages to learn what i need to. Would much rather have someone do it. If I'm wrong tell me! Or help me? Just looking for advice or if anyone has done this lighter tune setup. A friend has his 435 fully done up to what he can but it's not meant for daily long commutes/drives, which is me.

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    JB4 , intake downpipe , and clearly read the jb4 maps guide to know how map you can run on with the octane you use but these mods should rise you 100 WHP

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