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Thread: 2002 M5 DINAN Worth

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    2002 M5 DINAN Worth

    I recently found a 2002 M5 DINAN in the back of a shopís yard which Iím thinking about purchasing. I just have no idea what to offer and I was hoping that you folks could give me an idea.

    After talking to the owner last night I found out the following. The car has been sitting for almost a year. It was purchased at an auction with the intent to restore. The interior is in good shape except for some of the wood grain moldings which are loose. The radio is hanging out and looks like it has sun spots on the display. The motor runs but doesnít have any power. Owner was told that the engine needs to be rebuilt. The side mirrors are broken off. Other then that the exterior is in decent shape. No dings lr dents and one small spot of rust in one of the wheel wells. The exhaust has little square shape pieces cut out of it which Iím assuming was for sound. There is roughly 140K on the car and engine. The owner said that when he purchased the car he overpaid at $8K. Iím not sure what DINAN options it has. I do know that it does NOT have a supercharger. Thatís pretty much all that I know.

    Iíll be meeting the owner this Saturday at the yard. Itíll be the first time Iíve seen the car with power to it.

    I also know that the owner has several BMWs. He also recently purchased a 2003 540i to kind of replace the one that Iím asking about.

    I apologize for my writing, Iím currently at work and Iím trying to get this going. So whatís your thoughts?


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    It depends on the Dinan parts installed and condition of the car.

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    It depends on what it is really, one could have a "Dinan M5" just by hitting 10 Dinan points and getting the badge. That wouldn't be worth as much as say, a serialized Dinan S1 or a Dinan S2. It's still worth checking out. I would really need to see pics of it but assuming it's a M5 with a few dinan parts I would offer 5.

    Should grab some pics and post this on m5board, plenty of Dinan M5 owners over there who could give a good value. If it's a true S1 or S2 car and isn't too far gone it'd be worth fixing. I bet the lack of power from the engine is something stupid like bad cam sensors or shot MAF's.
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