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Thread: Ruined leather?? Spilled coolant.. cleaning suggestions?

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    Ruined leather?? Spilled coolant.. cleaning suggestions?

    My boyfriend took our 2008 x3 to the dealership for a diagnosis on our leaky valve gasket. On the way he stopped and grabbed a bottle of coolant from an auto parts store AND LEFT IT SITTING IN THE PASSENGER SEAT -__- So it leaked over the course of 3 days while our car was there.

    Our beautiful Sand Beige leather is now stained. Even though it's a 2008 the car is in excellent condition, no cracking in the leather and only 40k miles on it. The coolant was blue but it saturated the purple label on the outside of the bottle which transferred to the leather.

    We are in the middle of spending several thousand on routine maintenance and fixing some general wear and tear issues on a 10 year old car. Overall it's in great condition, but I don't have any spare change to spend on a professional fix right now. Any suggestions??

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    I don't think you're ever going to get the stain out of the leather. Soaking for three days is three days too long.
    So, a couple of options - replacement seat from a junk yard, seat covers, or re-dye the seat.

    A re-dye might not work because of the underlying stain but take the car to an upholstery shop and get an opinion.
    Here's a link to a good seat cover company:

    Hint: don't choose the Realtree camo for the X3.

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