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Thread: Windows not dropping down after battery replacement. Start stop failure.

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    Windows not dropping down after battery replacement. Start stop failure.

    Hi all, so I recently replaced my battery for a 2011 E97 1series 116d bmw. As the auto stop start light came and the battery was only holding 40% charge. So anyways after replacing it I know have the issue of my frameless windows on both doors not dropping down a quarter inch when I open the door. Is there a process for a reset?? Also my auto stop start light is still indicating a fault after replacing the battery.

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    The first step in diagnosing a problem is to scan the correct module for codes. Is the new battery fully charged? What tends to happen is a battery is charged at the factory but then sits for a few months on a shelf at the parts store. As a result it’s nit fully charged. These cars are rolling computers and whacky voltages cause whacky issues.

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    Frm module

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