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Thread: Dallas mechanic checking in.....

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    Cool Dallas mechanic checking in.....

    Just moved up to Dallas from Austin. I've been working on German cars for last 19 years and it's always fun. I professionally am now in the IT field; but still have my deep passion in turning wrenches. Just highlighting jobs over last year on bimmers would be E90 everything cooling on 2 cars and R134 true conversion on a beautiful Canadian E30. I'll be honest if I'm not in my garage on the weekend i'm bored if it's not a track day i'm instructing. I can say I have just about every tool you can think of including MIG welder, carbon fiber fabrication setup, massive press for those fun suspension/bearing jobs and all the adapters/specialty parts you can think of. Reinforced E46 M3, E36 M3 and MCoupe subframes. Tony's M3 saw probably 100 track days on slicks with what was my first subframe reinforcement many many years ago. In Austin I ended up being the go to for the S2000 community; but it seems the same story every where I go. When it comes to enthusiast cars it's hard to trust a lot of local shops quality (or lack of). One client really wanted to learn how to turn wrenches and so I got her up to speed on as much knowledge as I could give while we both worked on her car. If I'm not working on your car I hope to see your car at one of the Edge Addicts events! If anything i'm always available to answer questions and give advice 512-645 and 4130. Also I've built myself a simulator setup incase any other SIM fans out there.

    Link to referrals posted elsewhere.

    Once I discover a replacement for photocrapet i'll upload some photo's of cars that have rolled through my garage.
    I have oil in my blood; that is my dedication level to cars.

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    Hello IanBMW,
    Purchased a beautiful 1999 M3 convertible in August 2018. New to the car and to the forum. I understand the car has an issue related to the rear shock/strut mounts being weak; I could have it wrong. Anyway, I am looking for someone to work with me and teach me some of the basic maintenance. I am retired, so I have the time. Where are you located in the Dallas area? Can we contact one another by phone? Give me a call if you wish to make contact, or provide a private e-mail or address where I can meet you. Personal e-mai is Thanks.

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