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Thread: 2008 BMW X3 3.0 si

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    2008 BMW X3 3.0 si

    Car is very hard starting every morning was going to replace fuel pump relay but canít find location does anyone know the location on my 200 8X33.0 SI

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    On the N52, the ECM calculates the amount of fuel required, and sends this message over PT-CAN to the EKP module. You can check fuel pressure at the fuel rail. 72.5 psi +/- 2.9 is the specification. N52 engine only. Check pressure when engine shuts off. Residual pressure should also be as mentioned above. If not, you have a bad fuel pressure regulator and/or check valve located at the fuel pump outlet, integrated into the fuel filter in the right side of the fuel tank.

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    can you tell me where the fuel pump relay is located and how do i get there on my x3 bmw 2008 thay keep telling me its by the glove compartment but no one has tols me wher and how to access it.

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