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Thread: S54 Engine - 146k Miles - out of a 2001 M3

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    S54 Engine - 146k Miles - out of a 2001 M3

    Hello, I have an s54 for sale. It is not in perfect condition; for example it will need a new oil filter housing (cracked where hydraulic tensioner bolts up, does not leak). The wiring harness, Fuel rail, getrag trans, and DME are not included. being the person I am, I totally forgot to compression check the cylinders before I pulled the engine. The hyd. tensioner really is not a huge issue as it works fine with the mechanical tensioner mounted in a different spot, but if it were up to me it'd be worth it to replace the oil filter housing. This engine is out of a 6mt car, so no SMG pump. It has ebay headers on it, but I can include the OEM manifolds as well. The reason for selling is not because it is "broken" etc. It ran when it was pulled. I am doing an engine build and need the money for the rebuild, otherwise I would not be selling asking price-$2650 OBO
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