I plan on changing out the springs on my 2015 M235i that I recently purchased.
I know there is the usual H&R, Vorgtland, and the adjustable KW's. I previously went with the H&R's on my e36 and was always happy with them. But now I am hearing good things about the German made Vortgland, which are pretty much the same price as the H&R's.
  • Finally, we have the KW's which I know a lot of guys are going with because of the fact that your ride height is adjustable. These run a good $500+ over the other two. But, I myself like others do really like the idea of being able to adjust the ride height and not just get what the springs end up sagging down to after 6 months. But I have to admit that I was reading posts in another forum and someone made a good point. "With the KW, aren't you just going to end up setting the height to what you want it to be and then end up leaving it there?" That is a good question because the way I look at it, unless you are tracking the car that is exactly what you will do. Set the ride height and then tighten it down and forget it.

So in the end does anyone have some good advice??