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Thread: Quietest 15" Touring tire for touring in a Touring?

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    Quietest 15" Touring tire for touring in a Touring?

    An E34 Touring, to be specific, optimized for long highway trips. Just restored the entire suspension and set it up for maximum squishiness, and now it's time for tires, likely from the Standard or Grand Touring three-season categories. Low road noise is a top priority. Handling isn't, but it can't be so sloppy that steering corrections make the car tedious to drive. Everything else - wet/snow grip, treadwear, bump compliance... - is middle-important.

    I haven't driven on quality 15" in years; no experience with what's out there today, but I've done some homework and lined up a few:
    - Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring
    - Cooper CS5 Grand Touring. Other than speed rating, what's the difference?
    - Hankook Kinergy H735. Few but good reviews: 7/8 say they're quiet and the 1 says nothing.
    - Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring.
    - Yokohama Avid Touring-S. Years back, I remember being very impressed with how quiet Yoko Somethingorother "dB" were. Didn't own them long, don't remember how they handled.
    - Yokohama Avid Ascend
    - Bridgestone Serenity Plus. A bit of a budget stretch. I had Serenities (not Plus) in 225/50R17 and they were good, not great, overpriced.

    Which of these is quietest? How about next to the expensive Serenity? Any other feedback on these, or other suggestions?

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    I have access to Consumer Reports and I'm happy to check their ratings.

    I have used General Altimax RT43 on our last Mercedes E320 touring and was happy with them.

    Unfortunately nothing is quiet in Oregon.

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    I put a set of General Altimax RT43 on my wife's Ford Focus and they are quiet and all around a good tire. I think a 205/50/15 or 16 can't remember. The only one on your list I have experience with is the Uniroyal tiger paw and we were happy with it as well, pretty quiet. But the others brands on your list seem to be ok for what you're after. For my cars, Michelin only.

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