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Thread: Finally a "not my daily driver" E36 M3 project

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    Finally a "not my daily driver" E36 M3 project

    Hey guys,
    I figured my first post should be an introductory one. I just picked up a ’97 M3 coupe in silver as a winter project car to replace a couple of motorcycles I had lost interest in. I have been creeping the forums for months picking up information on the E36 chassis.
    The M3 coupe joins my daily driver F80 M3 in Austin Yellow; the F80 is no slouch and is FBO stage 2+ tuned putting down a reliable 500+hp & torque to the wheels.
    I’ve been searching for a clean, rust free, E36 convertible for months with no luck. Every unit I looked at had a poorly/non functioning roof and an ugly past of some sort. The dismay of hunting for a 20 year old car I suppose. I ended up settling for a coupe after finding a bit of a gem; yes it needs some work but the body looked to be in great shape and I wanted a project.
    So about the M3
    The Good:

    1. FK coilovers with 12mm pistons (we will see how these hold up)
    2. E46 M3 6 speed tranny & 3.91LSD
    3. Interior is fairly mint; no tears, no drooping glove box, and no pixelated screens!
    4. Aftermarket long tube headers & hi flow cats (unknown brand)
    5. Tune (unknown)
    6. Secondary air pump delete
    7. Fan delete (electric replacement is garbage)
    8. Carbon fiber GT style hood (flimsy but light)
    9. Depo headlights (although they look to be halogen)
    10. New Zimmerman rotors

    The bad:

    1. Valve cover leak
    2. Potential white smoke (granted it was -1 Celsius) plugs look good, crank case looks good, still need to pressure test the coolant system
    3. Rust on front quarters (only on the bottom)
    4. Hidden bondo on the rear fender lip (won’t matter being cut out)
    5. Hidden bondo on trunk where a ricer wing was mounted (already cut out)
    6. The entire coolant system is toast… (more copper additive than I’ve ever seen in a overflow tank)
    7. Rear trunk lip JUST starting to rust (easy fix)

    Parts already ordered / here

    1. Authentic Pandem kit… yes, I’m bastardizing the M
    2. 17x9/17x10 Work Meister S1R 2 piece wheels
    3. Victor Reinz valve cover gasket
    4. Fuel filter
    5. Mishimoto aluminum radiator
    6. Mishimoto 16” electric slim fan (2200CFM)
    7. Mishimoto race thermostat
    8. Fan delete nut
    9. Silicon heater and coolant lines in blue
    10. Aluminum thermostat housing
    11. New water pump with metal impeller
    12. ECS aluminum water pump pulley
    13. New radiator overflow tank, cap, and level sensor
    14. New electric fan wiring and relay
    15. M design glow gauges in blue (looks stock, light up like a modern car)
    16. POR15 rust treatment. Degreaser, metal prep, paint and rubberized overcoat

    The daily

    The night I picked her up (last Tuesday!)

    Stable mates
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    The tear down and deep clean process… she needed it
    The wheel wells after a goodscrub

    Front end on the way off

    All bumpers, and skirts removed and prepping to wash

    The coolant system… needs some serious work

    - - - Updated - - -

    The beginning of the rust treatment.

    1. Wire brush/wheel all loose rust and paint
    2. Clean
    3. Degrease
    4. Metal prep (rust dissolver / encapsulator)
    5. POR15 paint

    The engine diagnostics

    Spark plugs look good…need to figure out if the head gasket / cylinder head are barriers. A touch of oil blow by on cylinder 4; will need an oil catch can on the breather.

    What the heck are these components?

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