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Thread: S52 vs S54 driver experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BimmerBreaker View Post
    1996-1999 technically. 95 was a bit different
    When I was looking for Sachs struts so that I could install Koni inserts in my M Roadster, 95-99 were the years Randy W suggested. I purchased a pair from a 99 M3 so I cannot verify that 95 will work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BimmerBreaker View Post
    1996-1999 technically. 95 was a bit different
    What was the difference, and how significant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmushial View Post
    In reading through the FAQs, the tire discussions involve quite a few tires which are no longer available. So my question is: what are people running for spirited driving [but with the notion that not all roads are dry all the time]. What do people think of the Pilot Sport 4S? Or ExtremeContact Sport or DWS 06? I've been running the Zeon RS3-G1 on the Z3 - in that it seems impossible to make them hydroplane [appropriate for Oregon trips] - but suspect they're not up to the task of a Z3M. ... the new member of the family will be here in a week, but the tires are a decade old - so before any real driving, they need to be updated/upgraded... ie, time to get my information in order.
    I've had a set of DWS06 tires for a few years now, and love them. Great tread life, and ample grip in all conditions as long as you recognize they aren't a dedicated summer nor a dedicated snow tire. Plenty of grip for spirited driving.
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    I've been running Continentals Extreme Contacts for my street M Coupe for some time. The current set is the newest Extreme Contact Sport. The good news is that they are an extremely good wet weather tires. The bad news is that while the front tires will last maybe 35K miles, the rears are about 80% gone by 15K, even though this is 100% street driving. So this time I have an extra rear Roadstar, and am rotating three of the rear tires every 4K miles or so. I'm hoping the trio will last a cumulative 25K+ miles or so.


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    I didn't read everyones reply here, but I'll throw in my two cents.

    I have a few crazy HP BMWs. With that said.. The S54 coupe is a Lot of fun in a coupe. The chassis doesn't really need more power. You can get in to trouble pretty quick if you're not being careful. For me.. that's half the fun of taking any car out.

    If the choice is S54 Coupe vs S52 Coupe and you can get an S54 Coupe.. Get an S54 Coupe. The S54 as some have mentioned, is much better engineered. It's not a lot more fussy than an S52 and a US S52 is basically a slightly tweaked M52. Meh

    If it's S52 turbo vs n/a S54... S52 turbo FTW! '95 PT6262 330ti / '03 Maximum PSI M3t on e85 / '00 540 6spd / '01 M5 / '01 M Coupe

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasmuw View Post
    You can use 1995-99 E36 M3 struts.
    thank you all

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