Apologies - i'm sure this question has come up many times before. I tried doing a search in this regional forum for keywords, Melbourne mechanic -not much came back.

I'm looking for a good reliable and trustworthy mechanic for my 2009 323i. I've had this car since new - serviced at BMW until the warranty ran out
Then I started taking it to a place in Essendon (which will go un-named), but on the last few services, I noticed they would raise some questionable issues that would end up costing a bomb. I say questionable because I could never detect any issues with the car, and this car just doesnt get enough action that major issues would be arising.

So last year, I tried another place in Brunswick based on reputation, they did the job, commented on how good the condition of the car was in but honestly, the car felt rough and noisy when I got it back.
It just did not feel as good as it usually does after a service.

So a year on, its time to get it serviced again and I'm on the lookout for a quality, reliable mechanic. I've done the obvious and checked the google review for mechanics in the area - but the locals with good reviews cannot even return phone calls or online enquiries to be able to make a booking.

Anybody have any recommendations? I'm in Point Cook - but work in the city. Am willing to travel if I can find the right mechanic.