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Thread: Which tyres have strong side walls?

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    Which tyres have strong side walls?


    I have a E46 coupe with OEM 17" style 68 (7,5j front, 8,5j rear). In front I have a set of Michelin PS4, 225 45 17. I flipping love them. But in the rear I have a set of GoodYear Eagle F1 As. 3 245 40 17, and they ruin my car's handling. It feels like the car is not stable at higher speeds, like the rear is feeling floppy. They say this is because of the weaker side walls of the GYs.

    My question is, imagine that I'm willing to swap out the rear tyres, what other tyres are acceptable besides the PS4, that has more or less the same handling? (besides the Continental SportContact 5, of which I also have experience and which is also a decent tyre, besides the wear rate)
    I'm asking this because you can find tyre reviews all over the place, but no one ever talks about the handling. Proof of this is that most tyre reviews claim that the GY Eagle F1 As. 3 is a direct competitor of the PS4 and SC5. Well, gripwise this is true, but handling wise this tyre is a disaster.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Why not replace them with PS4's if you like their handling? If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, the Firehawk Indy 500 offers 80% the performance of the PS4 at 50% the price. I have them on my E46 and the sidewalls are pretty stiff on them.

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