Long-time BMW guy here. I'm thinking about adding a late Z4 35i to the fleet. They are coming off lease with CPO warranties and are a total bargain compared to the other car we are considering, the Cayman. Would have to go to a much older/higher miles Cayman at the same price.

But every comparison test of this E89 with its competitors laments how BMW seems to have lost the script on the handling and body dynamics compared to other BMWs (and to competitors).

Is there an easy-button fix? Not looking for race-car handling, this one would just be a fun weekend car for my wife and I. I would just want to fix whatever's broken. On the Z3s, the core issue was that the stock rear subframe bushings were just simply too soft so the rear suspension never took a good set. Stiff bushings there transformed the car, even when it was new. You didn't really need to go to aftermarket springs or shocks, even. Is there a similar single thing for the Z4? Shocks? Bushings? Etc?