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Thread: Coolant hose routing

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    Coolant hose routing

    I've been having an overheating issue on my 320i with a 76 manifold and Weber setup.

    So are you guys running coolant hose from the water pump to the manifold by the oil dipstick then coming out the manifold to the heater. Then from the heater to the back of the cylinder head?

    Also I've checked for the hoses bending under higher rpm and they're good. Wp flows. New radiator. New coolant. Water wetter. Efan works. Belts are properly tensioned. Tstat is deleted and my last resort might be to put a new one because I heard it might do more harm than good. Mind you It runs cooler in stop n go traffic and has no head gasket issues.
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    Ahhhh btw I just noticed the coolant neck coming off the intake side of the engine on my e21 doesn't have the 3rd outlet for the hose coming off the intake near the vacuum advance. Its blocked off on my intake would that effect the cooling at highway speeds?

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