For sale is my 2003 BMW E46 M3. It is very well taken care of and the car speaks for itself. Clean title, in hand, clean carfax. BMW Enthusiast Owned. Selling as it's become very well apparent that I need a truck for everyday use and my driveway is more than full at the moment. Want it to go to someone that will take care of it and appreciate it like I have.

Current mileage is 108959. Options include PDC, Bi-Xenon, Harman Kardon, etc. It is mechanically sound and has no issues. Previous owner did water pump/thermostat/valve cover gasket, vanos. I've done the steering guibo, clutch fan. Rod bearings were done at 30K by BMW and Blackstone Labs Analysis shows no issues. Motor is very clean and it can be eaten off of. No subframe cracks. No problem showing you every inch of this car inside, out and underneath

I had the car paint corrected and ceramic coated with IGL Coatings Ecocoat Quartz+. Lasts up to 3 years, protecting the paint and making washing amazingly easy. One of the best things you can do for a nice car.

Did a few tasteful mods, as listed below. Has a TTFS CSL SMG tune which makes upshifts and rev matching downshifts lightning quick. Transforms the SMG gearbox to feel more like a DCT. SMG nay-sayers need to drive a well sorted car like this to understand that SMG can be great; and this is coming from someone that has only owned manual BMWs. I was skeptical at first, but man is it fun and has very fast shifts. Plus, a clean SMG car is a great platform for a easy manual swap later on in the car's life.

Wheels have less than 1k Miles on them. Michelin Pilot Sports front and rear with over 75% tread. Brake pads are 50% up front and 30-40% in the rear.

I would personally do (they aren't urgent) the Front Control Arm Bushings and replace them with aftermarket upgraded Polyurethane bushings - $200. They tend to go out after 80k miles and cause a slight shake on hard acceleration. Front bumper can be repainted at some point. Real up close it looks like your standard 100k bumper. Rest of body is great

Otherwise, there is nothing the car needs at the moment at all. Very well taken care of, inside, out and underneath. As I said, it obviously speaks for itself in pictures and in person. Many people than can vouch for how clean the car is in the local BMW community.

Megan Muffler w/ Titanium Tips
Avant Garde Wheels - 19x9.5, 19x8.5
Angel Eyes
Stubby Antennae
LED Fog Lights
LED Interior Bulbs, Trunk Bulbs & License Plate Bulbs
Bluetooth Module - Calls, Music, etc

Maintenance/Replaced in the last 5k miles:
Convertible Top Brand New
Convertible Top Pump
Convertible Top drains cleaned
Oil Change
Third brake light
SMG Flush/Fluid Replaced
Clutch Fan
Steering Wheel Shaft Guibo
Rear Tires

Asking price is $11,500. Very hard to find another one in this condition. I have no problem showing you every inch on the car and putting it on ramps. Car is very well sorted, no BS'ing please. Located in Canton, GA. Feel free to Call/TXT 404-319-0017 with any questions. Thanks!