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Thread: 1972 3 CS starting issue post head gasket replacement

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    Post 1972 3 CS starting issue post head gasket replacement

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some guidance with a starting issue on a 1972 3 CS. It isn't my motor but I'm helping a friend work through some issues he has. So, long story short:
    My friend asks me to help him diagnose an issue with his 3 CS, at this point i would like to note that this car had the 3 ltr engine replaced by the 2.8 ltr, this was done less than 6000 miles ago and according to the invoice this was a crate engine. So the car over heated and lost power. there was emulsified oil in the expansion tank and it was an easy diagnosis for blown head gasket. told him to order gasket set and get the head shaved. He ordered the gaskets and took the head away, he took the head to a guy who measured it and said it was fine and didn't need shaving. it did look as though the old gasket was not fitted correctly when we removed the top of the engine. So, we set the timing correctly, front cylinder to top dead centre, and ensured the timing chain was good.
    It went back together easy enough and when we came to run the engine it wouldn't start, it just cranks. We then get an ignition tester, basic light bulb one, that all good, i also checked the dizzy was firing correctly and this is also right. We checked that there was fuel flowing and at some point in the past this has had an electric fuel pump fitted which works as advertised. It has also had a Weber Carb conversion, probably when the crate engine went in. The car ran fine before the head gasket went and we didn't touch the carb setting at all. I realise that the settings could have moved but i doubt it as both carbs seem to be doing the same thing. I'm banging my head a little with this one and could do with some advice.
    Cheers guys.

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    My race engine is being dyno'd at the moment and when we ran it in we noticed water in the oil lines, due to previous head gasket letting go. Did you purge all oil, fuel and water lines inclusive of oil filter and any oil cooler? Checked the spark plugs?
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